Episode 13- Mark Anthony Lord on Forgiveness, the Path to Freedom

Today on the show we’ve got a special soul on the show, who I met on a photoshoot for Illumine Magazine about a year ago. Mark Anthony Lord and I both have a background as performers and choreographers who transitioned into spiritual work, so anyone who is creative and in a work/life transition will be in good company with us.

About Mark:

Rev. Mark Anthony Lord is a visionary, transformational leader, Speaker, Author, Teacher, and Spiritual Counselor. He is the author of two books, The Seven Living Words and Thou Shall Not Suffer: 7 Steps to a Life of Joy. His personal mission is to awaken people to their inherent joy, freedom, and courage to be fully expressed.

In this episode, Mark shares:

  • 19:04 Mark Anthony’s practice of Forgiveness, which is probably very different from anything you’ve tried or used before

  • 27:08 How to use forgiveness to set yourself and someone else free, unlock creativity, and return to being your present and spiritual self.

  • 14:26 Bridge jobs and bridge times in your life. How they are important and inevitable, and how knowing you’re in one can change the entire experience moving from where you are to where you want to be.

  • 28:29 Why not repeating the same old stories is a must-do in forgiveness work, in order to truly be free from old patterns

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Episode 13- Mark Anthony Lord on Forgiveness, the Path to Freedom

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