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Are you a powerful, emotionally intelligent woman

but when intense feelings arise you descend into a hot mess

and all that grace and power goes out the window? 

You’re no dummy! You see when you’re cycling back to the same negative feelings (like anxiety or sadness). And I know it’s frustrating when you can’t seem to figure out the true reason why or what to do about it.

Have you been doing years of personal development, therapy or yoga but you’re finding yourself struggling to feel the peace or happiness that was promised?

Does it feel like you’re working really hard and doing your best, but you still don’t feel the way you want to feel? It freaking exhausting! 

I know you want to take back control of how you feel. 

But here’s a secret, lean in…

Emotional mastery isn’t about feeling happy all the time.

It’s about allowing yourself to feel whatever you feel in the moment, without feeding it negative thoughts. 

You can take that emotion and: 

» Share it with your partner (or date) so they can fall deeper in love with you 

» Ask for what you want without sounding demanding, desperate or needy (Get the raise! Enjoy that orgasm!) 

» Lead with vulnerability so you become an example for your kids or the next generation

» Use your emotions to build trust or repair a broken heart

» Become more radiant, magnetic and full of energy! 



Hey love, I’m Rebecca Niziol.

I have helped hundreds of women free themselves from the emotional weight of their past who now enjoy deeply fulfilling relationships and lives. Getting to dive into the innermost corners of my client’s minds and hearts is a true honor.

Everyone deserves to feel seen and heard, like they belong and are valued. That’s what you’ll get here. Whether it’s anxiety and anger or loneliness and insecurities, together we can handle it all. And I’m here to partner with you to ensure the emotional struggle ends here and now. 

I’ve been a Certified Professional Coach since 2012, with over 5,000 teaching and coaching hours. I know how to help you use your emotions to create #relationshipgoals partnerships, friendships and families and a deeply fulfilling life. 

I’d love to get to know and support you! Sign up today to receive your first 1:1 coaching session for only $97 (that’s $200 off!) 

I will help you…

Free yourself from harsh self-judgments and the weight of past trauma. 

Level up your closest relationships with deeper trust and connection.

Reclaim hours of lost time spent over-thinking why you’re still upset.

If you don’t want to be an emotional hot mess, I HIGHLY recommend you work with Rebecca!

“Before working with Rebecca I was allllll over the place, completely unaware of how badly my emotions were running me ragged…I’d either do my best to avoid feeling them or let them out rage style, both options: not cute. I feel like a whole new human, as this course enabled me to do a 180 in my emotional world. I feel sooooo much more calm! There is an immense amount of space in my brain these days since it’s not being taken up with emotions I haven’t processed.” – Shenna J., Aspen CO

Deep down, now I know I’m going to be okay.

“Honestly, since working with Rebecca I’m sleeping better. I don’t hold onto any strong emotions before I go to bed, and I’ve stopped replaying conversations in my head over and over. I bought a house and I’m trying to move me and my family in the next week, I’m losing my job at the end of the year, I’ve had to deal with some major issues…But through all of this- I haven’t broken a sweat once. I allowed myself time to get mad, feel frustrated, or even cry a little. And now I just feel at peace.” – Jennifer, Chicago IL

WHAT exactly are you doing here?

I see you like specifics. Me, too!

Whether you’re  a seasoned seeker who’s spent years in personal development or a curious human who wants to feel good I create experiences and information that puts you back in the power seat–where you belong! 

We do this through a mix of 1:1 and group coaching, retreats and live events along with curated lessons on social media and email. 

WHO is this for?  

Women ready to master their emotional world and if you want to: 

✔️ Free yourself from past trauma and emotional baggage that’s getting in the way of your present day relationship fulfillment.

✔️ Know exactly what do when intense emotions surface and how to handle them without burdening or pushing away the people you love. 

✔️ Have others to feel incredibly at peace and alive in your presence, savoring every minute with you! 

✔️ Have the type of deep partnership and quality friendships most people would be jealous of and asking about your secrets

✔️ Spend less time in states of anxiety, fear, anger or loneliness and more time feeling excited, joyful, loved and connected. 

✔️ Be the person everyone you know wants more time with because you’re so refreshing to be around. Even on your “bad days” you’re incredibly lovable! 

WHY? Wouldn’t it be easier to ignore the feelings?

The last thing you need is ANOTHER thing to add to your to-do list #byefelicia

Our work isn’t about doing, it’s about feeling. 

Sure, it does seem easier in the moment to just skip over your emotions. But what do you think happens to them when you do? 

They don’t just vanish. They stay there beneath the surface until they get triggered up one day explosively OR they get more and more intense until you finally pay attention and deal with them (cue: crying in the bathroom at work)

I’m here to guide you back into connection with your body and heart, to help you harness one of your biggest superpower as a woman, your emotions! 

HOW MUCH does coaching cost? 

You can book your first session for only $97 dollars! 

After that our 1:1 coaching is completely customizable, because one-size-fits-all may work for scarves but not for you getting the exact support you need on your budget. Pricing is adjusted based on what you need, and ONLY what you need so we don’t escalate our pricing to give you a bunch of bonuses you won’t use anyway. 

Looking for support on a tight budget?  Ask about our group coaching programs and rates by clicking the mail icon in the bottom right corner of this page. 

Almost every single client wishes they learned this sooner, saving them years of struggle and emotional chaos. 

Here’s what other women are saying about working with Rebecca:

I learned how to tap into the most powerful part of me!

“Judgement was one of my #1 “work on” areas and it’s paid off when I just let myself feel. This new superpower has led to countless truly remarkable results like a biz partner, lifelong new friends, new career path and new way of treating myself with respect.” – Katie, Chicago IL


“Fresh off working with Rebecca I’m proud to say I finally know my heart and can connect with it instantly.

I just turned 40 and didn’t even know this was a thing until a few months ago! Something tells me this will be the best decade yet thanks to what I learned from Rebecca!” – Michelle, Toronto 

I feel much lighter and brighter and stronger.

“Over time, I’ve seen this make a tremendous difference in how happy I feel day-to-day. My baseline has leveled up a ton because I’m not weighed down and triggered by all the repressed feelings.” – Megh K., Kansas City 

Hey girl, I get it. We’ve all been there! 

I’ve worked with smart, capable women like you for the past 8 years, who admit to me: 

“Ugh, I know I need to let this go but I just can’t! I keep thinking about what my boyfriend said over and over and I’m getting even more frustrated about it. This is not how I wanted to spend our vacation.”

“I have my own tidal waves of emotion that I’m constantly trying to feel, but then my friend calls me anxious or my Mom dumps all her worries onto me. I can’t process my own feelings AND theirs. How can I be there for them without getting so drained?” 

“I can’t seem to communicate how I’m feeling to my family, or even fully admit it to myself. When I try to express what’s going on inside I just don’t know what to say without making things worse. I just keep it all to myself, but that means I also stay unhappy.”  

“I know I’m avoiding my feelings because they just seem too scary to confront. I’m afraid I’ll be stuck in this sadness and shame forever or I’ll have to face some things that I don’t know how to handle. My friends keep asking “What’s wrong?” but I don’t even know where to begin that conversation.” 

I see this again and again with intelligent, successful women: 

They try to use the same strategies from work or in their business to navigate emotions. Analyzing information, creating strategies and working hard to get results. 

But when it comes to matters of the heart, it’s a different world. 

Feelings are meant to be felt, not fixed.

The heart is not logical, so most women are left lost and confused knowing how to navigate the ups and downs of modern day life. That’s why I’m here! 

Our graduates and clients are raving about their experience! 

Disclaimer: While we stand fully behind our courses and programs and the past and current women get the results they desire plus so much more–we cannot offer any guarantees of your individual results, or that you’ll achieve the same exact results as anyone else. This work is foundational for anyone who wants to live an emotionally empowered life, but your results and success depend on your efforts and willingness to show up, learn and grow. We cannot feel your emotions for you. We can only support you and teach you what we know to create a wildly fulfilling life, relationships and work. We will partner with you each step of the way and ask you take responsibility for your participation and according results. If you do not believe you can or will do the emotional work we offer we do not recommend 1:1 or group coaching or The Emotion Course for you at this time. Reach out to us with absolutely any questions or concerns: