Episode 26- Sacred Sexuality with Former Nun: Mary Histing

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Now I know you wouldn’t expect for a former nun to be the one speaking on sacred sexuality–but that’s exactly why I’m so excited for the conversation with today’s guest: Mary Histing

About Mary:

Mary Histing is a licensed and board certified massage and craniosacral therapist and former nun. Her work with clients acknowledges all the aspects of their own healing journey– spiritual, emotional, psychological; as well as physical   She facilitates a monthly Goddess Circle gathering and is a founder of the Global Goddess Summit.


In this episode, Mary shares:

  • Sacred Sexuality… what this even means and how to practice it in real life.
  • The deep wounds that emerge when we embrace our sexuality and how we can start to heal them
  • Tantra and teachings that support mindfulness in the bedroom as a way to heal yourself and the world


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Episode 26- Sacred Sexuality with Former Nun: Mary Histing

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