Episode 23- Sean Galla on Blindspots, Healing, and Supporting Men

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Today’s guest, Sean, is one of my favorite men on the planet. We met a few years back at the Archangel  Conference in LA and took a pretty instant liking to one another. He’s an entrepreneur and adventurer who’s infectious laugh and easy-going attitude keeps it real.


About Sean:

Sean is an expert at curating communities. He create The Brotherhood – a mens’ group for entrepreneurs that brought leading entrepreneurial men together over extreme adventures: heli-skiing, skydiving and surfing (Brotherhood.net). Most recently Sean started Bloom.co, a community for entrepreneurs interested in personal growth, lifestyle and sharing the inner journey of being an entrepreneur. Sean has made it his mission to encourage and create impactful, no-BS conversations between entrepreneurs looking to grow personally and professionally.


In this episode, Sean shares:

  • Blindspots–How after the shock of seeing them we can move into relief.
  • What it means when you have disproportionately large reactions to events and what to do about it.
  • How to support the men in your life through feelings their feelings and healing.
  • PLUS some of his story through having Lyme’s disease and going through a complete life transformation because of it.


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Episode 23- Sean Galla on Blindspots, Healing, and Supporting Men

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