Episode 3- Karie Gray on Flexing Your Trust Muscles in Times of Uncertainty

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Karie is the queen of re-creating herself and her career, and she now lives in Scotland with her husband and daughter doing her signature classes and sessions which are blend angelic reiki and soulful conversation.

About Karie Gray:

Karie Gray is here to help you eliminate your blocks so you can easily manifest what you want. Her popular one-on-one sessions and Blissed Out classes, a mix of energy work, soulful conversation and meditation, have been described as “magic” and transformational. Get your gifted copy of her book, True North: Real Stories & Insights to Inspire the Courage to Follow Your Dreams, at KarieGray.com.

In this episode, Karie shares:

  • Being comfortable with discomfort and why it’s so important
  • Getting quiet and to help eliminate noise from our lives.
  • Spiritual fitness, flexing the muscles of trust.



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EP3: Karie Gray on Flexing Your Trust Muscles in Times of Uncertainty

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