Episode 2–Christine Kurban on The Power of Pause

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Our guest today is my soul sister Christine Kurban, who I love because she balances woo-woo spiritual goodness like goddess circle and moon ceremonies on the beach with real-world business know how from running a few successful business and having street and relationship smarts to boot.

She’s one of those amazing women that makes you feel safe to play full out, to explore and be curious, and to feel what you’re feeling. She’s really easy to be around. Last month I went out to Santa Monica for a Creation Vacation to tune into what’s next for Work with Soul, and out of our magical week the podcast was formed. Thank you Christine for being a catalyst for this podcast happen!

About Christine Kurban:

Christine Kurban is an expert in marketing strategy and branding, with more than 13 years of experience in corporate marketing and more than 15 as an entrepreneur. Christine shares her passion and talent for turning dreams into reality by assisting both companies and individuals in attaining their highest goals and aspirations. She is an entrepreneur, marketing strategist, conscious business and leadership coach, philanthropist, writer and international speaker.

In this episode, Christine shares:

  • The power of pause and how it allows us to step into a beginner mindset and learn something new  or have a moment to stop doing and start being.
  • How to move beyond standard operating procedures in work, business, in life that compromises our authenticity and creativity.
  • How to create safety when fear and uncertainty show up during times of change and transition.
  • Inspired Action beckons spirit to join us to bring things to life and into form.




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EP2: Christine Kurban on The Power of Pause

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