Magazine Covers and Feeling Fulfilled

What’s happening over in the Work with Soul VIP group… Here’s one gal gushing as we all surround her with love and she graduates.


“When I started working with Rebecca, I recall mentioning that I see my photography gracing the front covers of Nat Geo, Conde Naste, Afar, Travel & Leisure.


But once I accomplished those goals, would that make me happy?


I didn’t know. What I do know is that coming from a place of Soul makes everything more meaningful, more passionate, more real being in that presence and having intention and purpose of why I do what I do.


When I focus on connection with my work, it is then I feel the magic of creation. Whether it’s stylizing jewels on cheese, allowing and holding space for someone to settle into their own self for a portrait, being overwhelmed with emotion from a local in a foreign country, capturing a dancer’s fluid movement in mid air, to making an energetic connection with a socialite for a feature profile…it is in these moments of intention I truly enjoy the process. When this happens, it is more than seeing. It’s FEELING. It’s feeling the creation. It’s feeling, not only accomplished, but FULFILLED.




We’ve just graduated three women, so there is now space in the group for the first time this year. I’m so excited and filled with wonder as I imagine who the next three women are.


The Year 1 women were so insanely incredible, that I can only imagine what Year 2 together is going to be like. Powerful, loving, raw and real creators. They’ll doing the real work–the soul work.


I know and deeply trust that whoever is meant to be in this group will step up and forward and join us.


If it’s you… you’ll know it. I’ll know it. I lovingly look forward to doing this soul work with you, sister. Let’s talk soon. #workwithsoul

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