The Power of Beliefs

When I was a little girl I was afraid of the the monsters underneath my bed.


Terrified they would reach out from underneath and grab me and gobble me up, I wouldn’t step near the edge of my bed. I would leap on. I would jump off.


It started to cause me a lot of anxiety at night. Even with my little nightlight, it was scary. Those monsters felt very real to me.


And then my Mom came up with a genius idea: Monster Go Away Spray.


She told me whenever I was scared all I would have to do is spray the Monster Go Away Spray and I would be safe. No monsters could touch me or hurt me then.


I sprayed those monsters away like a (baby) boss!


And after a while I wasn’t afraid of them anymore. I had a tool to defend myself! I felt stronger and more courageous. One day I even was brave enough to lift the dust ruffle and see that there wasn’t anything under there but a couple boxes and some hairballs.


Of course, Monster Go Away Spray was simply an old hairspray bottle with the label taken off and filled with water. My mother gave me a tool–and more than that, a belief that I was safe and I was totally capable of handling those monsters with my spray.


It goes to show you the power of our beliefs.


I made up the monsters… but they felt really, really real to me.

We (Mom and I) made up the go-away spray… but it felt real to me.


If you are the one making it all up, you might as well make up things that make you feel good, strong, confident, and capable. Believe something better.


Coaching is like that Monster Go Away Spray.


I offer you a more powerful belief for a while, you try it out, see how it feels, and then you realize the monsters you’re fighting you made up. The big, scary problem you also have the tools to dissolve.


A good coach will give you the tools you need to feel safe, capable, and confident. A great coach will ensure you’ve got the beliefs to back them up and put them to use for the right things and the right time.


Choose a more powerful belief. #workwithsoul #SpiritualSuccessFormula

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