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   Welcome to our Work With Soul Website. This website is intended to encourage each person to approach their work environment with the knowledge that they have the power and responsibility to transform their work environment into a space where all employees, and their contributions, are recognized and respected. A work environment where all employees want to, and are encouraged to, give their best.
   Many questions will be posed to open our minds to greater possibilities. Questions can expand our thinking and deepen our understanding, leading us to achieve higher standards.
images/hands.gif    We can transform our work environments by shifting our perspectives from a "them against us" type of ideology to one that embraces the concept that each person in a company is a leader and is therefore responsible for implementing positive change.
   We all have the power to influence our environments. We do it everyday. What type of influence do you exhibit? Does your attitude and behavior encourage yourself and others to promote a positive work environment where all are encouraged to give their best and feel validated for their contribution?
   As Gandhi once said, "We must be the change we wish to see in the world." When we realize that we have power and that we are powerful, as opposed to powerless, we have more energy and zest for life. Our heads lift. Our shoulders straighten. We are filled with hope and vision. Our spirits are strong.
   Our value of ourselves is not based on our salary or the position we hold within the company, but in the knowledge that we are always striving to be the best we can be at any given time in our lives. We can look the person in the mirror directly in the eyes.
   Please join us in the goal to transform our work environments into places where we want to serve. A place where we would want our most cherished loved ones to work.
   As you go about your workday and you see offensive behavior or things that are done wrong, ask yourself "What would be a better way?" and then let the "better way" * begin with you.

* Please note that this does not say the "Best" way, but the "Better" way. Remember there is ALWAYS room for improvement and growth.

Questions can expand our thinking and deepen our understanding, leading us to achieve higher standards.

Reflection Questions For:
Stock Holders/Owners
Sales Representatives

What is my responsibility to the company in which I have an affiliation?

What is my responsibility when it comes to company decisions made to increase the bottom-line?

Which employees experience the greatest impact when a company downsizes?

How does the company handle the increased impact on remaining employees?

How much should an employee give?

Should an employee ever "draw the line"?

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