Congratulations, you are the Wave Feeling Style!

Waves are deeply feeling souls with big, sensitive hearts. You lead with vulnerability and care (sometimes you even care so much it hurts!). Out of all the Feeling Styles, you are the most comfortable with deep emotion.

Your emotional gift is empathy. You are connected with others hearts and understand how they feel, which is why people often come to you to talk it out. You love meaningful experiences and diving deep in your relationships (surface level stuff isn’t your thing!). You are meant to use your Feeling Style and all that empathy to help and heal the planet. The secret is to OWN your emotions rather than having them own and overwhelm you. When you do, your power can be fully used to help others and that’s when you will be your happiest and most fulfilled.

This is a great time to share the quiz with your friends and co-workers so they too can discover their Feeling Style.

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