Hello Wave!

I’m Rebecca Niziol, the creator of the Feeling Style Quiz, and I’m so excited you’re here to learn more about your playful Feeling Style.

These Feeling Styles are a simple and easy way of understanding how and why you respond to emotions the way you do.

Over the past 7 years of my work as a certified coach and healer I’ve noticed key patterns in how people show up when it comes to emotions, for better and for worse. Those patterns were clarified into the core Feeling Styles we work with today.

Waves, you are the deeply feeling souls with big sensitive hearts who lead with vulnerability and empathy. 

You have an emotional sensitivity, that is equally powerful and overwhelming. .

You see what others are blind to. 

You can almost hear what hearts are saying. 

This means you are privy to a whole ocean-worth of emotional information—isn’t that great?!

But it also means you can exhaust yourself constantly processing the flood of emotions a Wave experiences on a day-to-day basis. It’s a big job that comes with a big responsibility! 

I know sometimes you might feel like the world is just too much—that’s because you are deeply connected to everyone and everything. 

When it’s most needed you swoop in taking time to listen, care for and tend to people, animals and the planet.

We NEED more Waves on the planet who are fully owning their power and using their gift of empathy! You are part of a beautiful shift that is creating a more kind, loving world.

Keep an eye on your inbox where I’ll be sending you an even more in depth look at your Wave Feeling Style and how to flow with it.

Big hug and lots of love,