APRIL 26 – MAY 1, 2020

Desert Hot Springs, CA

When is the last time you had a full week to REVIVE yourself and life? 

To fully rest, to fill up your energetic tank, to pause and plug back into your true nature? 

Is it time to break away from endless to-do lists and energy-vampires and be surrounded by like-minded powerhouses who remind you who you are and what’s possible? 

Whether you’re running on empty these days and using matcha and soul cycle to just. push. through. 

Or you’ve poured so much into your work/business/mission and relationships/community that you don’t have much left over for yourself… 

We’ve made Revival for YOU, our darling friends! 

Revival is for big-hearted, achievers.

A sacred week to plug back into your power

and receive soul-level nourishment,

so you can share and spread that back out into the world.

Come as you are. Leave Transformed.

» Meditation and yoga set the tone for the day, getting your energy flowing while curated music awakens your heart.

» Enriching group workshops boost creativity + deepen connection to your truest self. 

» Share farm to table meals with like-minded driven individuals at America’s first carbon neutral resort. 

» Luxuriate in mineral rich hot springs and choose to be pampered at a world-renowned spa and

» Hike inspired with breathtaking views as we reconnect to the earth and her natural rhythms.

» Get lost in deep conversation around the fire pit or slip into a hammock amongst the palm trees to journal or siesta. 

» Dance the night away or tuck in early with guided yoga nidra… or better yet, both! 

Book today before we sell out!  


Alissa Jo Seymoure is a DJ, producer and the founder of wellness experience brand Deep House Yoga.

Her signature sound is ethereal, soulful and moving. Her mission is to create a space to unwind, uplift and let go of whatever isn’t serving you. She brings her gifts to Revival, providing live DJ sets and soundscapes to heal you through the power of music.  

Rebecca Niziol is a certified life-coach, yoga and meditation teacher who is on a mission to help you feel good in your body and life.

With her decade of experience in the wellness industry, she brings positivity and non-judgment into all that she does–from global retreats to her courses on emotion. During Revival she’ll be your soulful guide, leading movement and mediation as well as conscious group workshops.

Hey there! Rebecca and Alissa here, your retreat co-hosts and leaders. We’re filled with joy thinking about spending this magical week with you. 

Collectively we’ve uplifted 25,000+ people through our events, workshops and courses. 

We believe that REVIVAL happens naturally when we get out of the way and provide the space and energy for you to transform. 

So that’s what we plan to do! 

We’ve picked the most STUNNING desert resort we could find (and made sure it was eco-friendly, hello carbon-neutral!), and we’ll be blending these four pillars to create the signature REVIVAL experience: Movement, Music, Connection, Nature.

This isn’t an escape… you don’t need to escape your amazing life. This is an invitation to shed what is draining your energy and capacity and emerge as a whole new version of yourself.

Join us as friends or a couple and

each of you receives $200 off the normal rates. 

I left feeling energized, motivated, connected and expansive.

“I entered the retreat feeling cloudy, anxious, sad and small.  I left feeling energized, motivated, connected and expansive.  Rebecca facilitates a safe space for us to break down our walls, deeply connect to ourselves and each other.

This was my second time attending one of these gatherings and now I can’t imagine going a year without one.” Sarah S., Portland OR

I highly recommend you go and experience it for yourself!

Hands down one of the best yoga experiences I’ve ever had! Deep House Yoga is to yoga like waves are to the ocean, like sound waves that transcend us through time and space! The musical vibes that Alissa brings to the mat with her sensational mixing really resonates with your soul.” – Stephany F., Los Angeles

A truly transformational experience on all levels

“Rebecca was able to use the retreat experience to show us that life CAN be this amazing and feel good even when you are brushing up against the darkest and toughest parts of yourself. She was able to show me the life I ultimately want to create and how I can start working my way there.  If someone is looking for a truly transformational experience – this is it.Lee H., NYC  

WHERE is Revival? 

Pack your swim suit! We’re going to Desert Hot Springs, CA. 

Our home away from home is spread over 72 acres, with plenty of space to roam and get lost in bliss. From a world-class spa and lithium rich hot springs, to simply chic rooms and refreshing cuisine we’ll be sure you’re taken care of from start to finish.

We’re creating a series of one-of-a-kind classes, workshops and adventure you cannot get ANYWHERE else: From sound healings while floating in hot springs to group workshops that leave you looking at yourself or the world in a whole new way. 

WHO is this for?  

Growth-oriented people who want a conscious escape and need deep restoration: 

✔️ Break free from your calendar and relax back into flow for the week

✔️ Quiet your mind so you can get answers to life’s big questions and inspired guidance for what’s next 

✔️ Reset your nervous system to rest/digest mode so you can process everything going on and return refreshed

✔️ Love all up on your body with invigorating daily yoga, delicious healthy food and lithium rich soaking in the hot springs. 

✔️ Sleeeeeeeeeep. #enoughsaid 


Whether you’re a newbie who’s only dabbled in yoga and meditation or a seasoned soul junkie, Revival will meet you where you’re at. 

HOW MUCH does it cost? 

From luxe suites to enjoy solo or with your boo to shared rooms you can snuggle up with your besties in, we’ve got options for you! 

Private Rooms starting at: $3,500 (only 3 left!) 

Shared Rooms* starting at: $2,600  (only 2 left!)

*Come with a partner or friend and each of you receives $200 off!

You can see exact pricing based on room selection & what’s included HERE

Enroll today, only 6 rooms left! 

How can your soul’s wisdom be heard if there’s so much other noise in your life?

How can you give and show up for others if you’re running on empty? 

How can you be your most loving, powerful self if you don’t take time to receive what YOU need? 

You might be right in the midst of some massive growth (and let’s be real, growing pains), and need the space to let it all harmonize so you can keep moving forward. 

Or perhaps you’ve found yourself in one of those spiritual awakenings when you’re simultaneously over-the-moon excited about some big changes but also sorta terrified of the uncertainty of it all. 

Deep down you know: periods of massive creativity and positivity come right after periods of rest and deep connection. 

Revival is your time to lean back and receive, to feel supported and uplifted. 

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