Hey there, Pendulum!

I’m Rebecca Niziol, the creator of the Feeling Style Quiz, and I’m so excited you’re here to learn more about your playful Feeling Style.

These Feeling Styles are a simple and easy way of understanding how and why you respond to emotions the way you do.

Over the past 7 years of my work as a certified coach and healer I’ve noticed key patterns in how people show up when it comes to emotions, for better and for worse. Those patterns were clarified into the core Feeling Styles we work with today.

Pendulums, you keep things wild and interesting with your unpredictable and creative approach to life, love and work.

Your ability to quickly tune in and know what’s needed in each moment does not go unnoticed– our world is a more fascinating place because of you! I adore your free-flowing and always changing approach to life. 

You feel a whole range of emotions, like an artist with a full-color palette.  

You are open to an entire world of experiences that others are closed off to.

This means you can transform like a chameleon over and over. Isn’t that fun?!

But it also means you are the most likely to lose yourself and lose your center because you can get caught up in your emotions, and playing to what you think others need, sometimes abandoning yourself and your needs.

Sometimes you might feel misunderstood—others just don’t seem to get you. It might seem like others wish you would show up how they want you to, rather than accepting you as you are–like a wild stallion! 

You aren’t meant to be controlled and neither are your emotions.

Your feelings are meant to flow and release. When you learn to channel and express them mindfully rather than allow them to dictate your every move you will experience true freedom.

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Cheers to you and your magic,