Congratulations, you’re the Pendulum Feeling Style!

Pendulums keep life wild and interesting with their unpredictable and creative approach to life, love and work. You can’t be pinned down, put in a box or be told what to do–you’re a free spirit! Out of all the Feeling Styles you are the most likely to take big risks AND enjoy the ride.

Your emotional gift is flexibility. You feel a full range of emotions: the good, the bad and the messy. Like a roller coaster your emotions go up and down, your heart opens and closes. This is a good thing, you allow your emotions to flow! While you’re incredibly expressive, sometimes it’s hard to explain what you’re really feeling and what you need. By the time you do it’s changed anyways. You will be able to fully express your life’s purpose when you can create a sense of stability that supports your ever-changing Pendulum ways.

This is a great time to share the quiz with your friends and co-workers so they too can discover their Feeling Style.

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