Congratulations, you’re the Force Feeling Style!

Forces are the strong and steady who don’t let emotions get in the way of their focus, plan or mission. You are smart, capable and lead with your head more than your heart. Out of all the Feeling Styles you are the most likely to be the rock that holds it all together.

Your emotional gift is resilience. You can handle so much–just look at what you’ve already been through! While you prefer to keep your emotions neatly kept inside you’re not cold or heartless, quite the contrary. You want to love and be loved, but sometimes you put up walls that can make others feel shut out. This is what you were taught to do in order to succeed in this world.. You can and will thrive, but as a Force you will only truly come alive when you learn to open your heart and use the power of your emotions to fuel you.

This is a great time to share the quiz with your friends and co-workers so they too can discover their Feeling Style.

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