Are you the strong one in your family and at work?

Maybe you’re an ace at holding it together and holding it all in, highly-functioning and busy with no time for emotions that just seem to complicate things. But you’re afraid one little misstep means you’ll fall apart.

Or are you a deeply feeling, sensitive soul?

Maybe you feel EVERYTHING, your own emotions and everyone else’s, and find yourself overwhelmed and overtaken emotionally with no control. You’ve got a big heart and you care (almost too much).


In the Emotional Alchemy Course I’ll help you

understand, feel and express your emotions 

in healthy, effective ways.

I’ve worked with smart, capable women like you for the past 6 years, who admit to me: 

“Ugh, I know I need to let this go but I just can’t! I keep thinking about this over and over and I’m getting even more frustrated about it.”

“I have my own tidal waves of emotion that I’m constantly trying to feel, but I get so overwhelmed by everyone else’s feelings that I can’t seem to process my own and all their stuff. I need better boundaries–help!” 

“I can’t seem to communicate how I’m feeling to anyone, or even fully admit it to myself. When I try to express what’s going on inside I just don’t know what to say without making things worse so I just keep it all to myself.”  

“I know I’m avoiding my feelings because they just seem too scary to confront. I’m afraid I’ll be stuck in this sadness and shame forever or I’ll have to face some things that I don’t know how to handle.” 

It is really hard to feel good enough or loved… happy or peaceful if your emotional world is an unstable or locked down place.

Through this 13 week online course you’ll learn (and practice!) how to feel ANY feeling while remaining empowered and in control. 

It doesn’t matter how much anger or sadness or shame is inside you right now… anything and everything can be healed. But first, you’ve got to feel it.

WHAT is Emotional Alchemy? 

Emotional Alchemy is a 13 week, interactive online course that teaches how to understand, feel and express emotions in healthy ways.

Whether you’re a spiritual seeker who’s been reading up and meditating for a while or you’re brand new to emotional healing, Emotional Alchemy will help you work through ANY feeling safely and effectively and transform it into positive energy. It’s created to put you back in control so you can show up present, powerful and loving.

WHO should enroll in Emotional Alchemy?  

If you want to free yourself from emotional overwhelm and baggage, make it easier to let go of stress and anxiety and create more positive emotions in your life Emotional Alchemy is for you.

I’ve identified 3 Feeling Styles:

There’s the strong and steady repressor who busies herself so she doesn’t have to face and feel the intense emotions she’ll do almost anything to avoid. The sensitive soul who’s big heart feels so much it is often overwhelmed and unable to control what she lets in. And the one who opens up fast and fiercely only to abruptly shutdown and numb out after feeling a vulnerability hangover. If you have an inkling you’re one of these, then this course was made for you sister.  

Real talk: This course is for women ready to do the work of healing and feeling their emotions, which will at times be challenging and intense and also infinitely rewarding and relieving. 

HOW does it work? 

Every other week Emotional Alchemy lessons are released including easy-to-follow videos, guided meditations and interactive worksheets. All of the course happens online through our secure membership site, private Facebook group and virtual classroom.

Through live classes and healings you’ll be guided directly by me (Rebecca) as well as have the opportunity to ask me questions each week in the group to ensure what you’re learning in the course is translating into real life results.

For more details peak at our FAQs which highlights the start date as well as times for our live classes and healings. 

HOW MUCH does it cost? Are there payment plans?

The investment for the 2019 round of Emotional Alchemy is $997. We also offer a payment plan (3 payments of $349).

TIME SENSITIVE: Enroll in the next 48 hours and you will also receive a BONUS thirty-minute private session with me to amplify the healing effects and zero in on your specific needs and situation ($200 value). Only 3 BONUS sessions remain and they’re going fast! 

To review our refund policies for Emotional Alchemy visit our terms and conditions page.

WHO is teaching Emotional Alchemy? 


Hey love, I’m Rebecca Niziol.

I support women in understanding, feeling and expressing their emotions in healthy, effective ways. Over the past 6 years I’ve seen again and again that the biggest result from my work is women experience a more loving, powerful relationship with themselves (bye-bye destructive self-talk and sophisticated sabotage pitfalls).

Because women are the relational beings of our species I know when you transform your relationship with yourself and know how to handle emotions it positively affects all of your relationships–with your beau, the kids, your boss, your family and friends… even your uber driver can feel your radiant, peaceful energy!

I’ve been a Certified Professional Coach since 2012, with over 4,000 teaching and coaching hours.  Along with cuddling with my pup Pip and living on a quiet farm-ette, I love bringing spiritual tools and practice to you in down to earth ways.

I’d love to get to know you and teach you in Emotional Alchemy. Shoot me an email if you want to chat before you enroll:

Here’s what other women are saying about Emotional Alchemy:

“It has come down to learning that it’s not the feeling that’s the “problem” but rather my reaction to it. Judgement was one of my #1 “work on” areas and it’s paid off when I just let myself feel. This new superpower has led to countless truly remarkable results like a biz partner, lifelong new friends, new career path and new way of treating myself with respect.”

Katie W., Chicago


“Fresh off learning Emotional Alchemy I’m proud to say I finally know my heart and can connect with it instantly when I need to.

I just turned 40 and didn’t even know this was a thing until a few months ago! Something tells me this will be the best decade yet thanks to what I learned from Rebecca!” 

Michelle S., Toronto

Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 5.02.30 PM

Emotional Alchemy has taught me how to better process emotions in the moment, instead of repressing them. Over time, I’ve seen this make a tremendous difference in how happy I feel day-to-day. My baseline has leveled up a ton because I’m not weighed down and triggered by all the repressed feelings.

Megh K., Kansas City


Take a peak into the

Emotional Alchemy course lessons…

  • Identify your Feeling Style: Finally understand WHY you feel the way you feel, how to work with your unique Feeling Style to balance it + which advice to avoid because it actually makes you feel worse!
  • Unravel Heart Knots: learn how to dissect complex emotional patterns and release stuck old energy so feelings become simpler and easier to handle.
  • Re-Learn How to Feel: using the Feelings Framework my 1:1 clients rave about, I’ll teach you the foundation of healthy emotional processing so you can feel your way through ANY emotion, even the intense ones.
  • Clean Up Your Emotional Hygiene: I’ll give you simple exercises and breath practices to let go of toxic energy and return to healthy flow in your body and life.
  • Communicate Your Way to Connection: Work through real-life scenarios (I’ll even give you frameworks and scripts) to express your emotions in ways that create deeper understanding, connection and cooperation + Know what to say to support others struggling emotionally.
  • BONUS LESSON: Breakthrough Your Emotional Glass Ceiling: Create positive emotions intentionally and make feeling lighter and brighter your new normal.
  • PLUS: You don’t have to do any of this all alone! You’ll be surrounded in a loving and supportive community and I’ll be there every step of the way to guide you through all the feels.

Emotional Alchemy begins Monday, February 4th 2019.

Enrollment ends very soon–Join TODAY!

I know deep in my bones that emotions are here to help and enhance our life experience.

And as women our ability to deeply feel a diverse range of feelings is a spiritual superpower! 

But so many of us were mislead to believe that emotions are weakness, wacky hormonal effects, an unnecessary burden or something annoying that gets in the way of achieving success. 

If you struggle knowing how to handle yourself when strong emotions show up, it’s not your fault! You probably weren’t taught or modeled how to feel and express emotions in healthy, effective ways. 

I’d love to show you how in Emotional Alchemy. It would be an honor to help you transform your emotional world into a place of power and peace. 

Try it risk-free!

Emotional Alchemy has a 30 day full money back guarantee.


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