Episode 21- Lee Hubilla on Using Humor to Open Minds

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After a few weeks of break over the holidays we’re back adding soulful goodness and creative inspiration with the remainder of Season 2. Today we have one of my favorite humans, Lee Hubilla on the show–a member of the Inner Circle (my private coaching group) and all around hilarious woman.

About Lee:

Lee Hubilla is an actor, dancer, and professional goof currently based in NYC. Lee loves laughing! She’s particularly jazzed about using comedy to shine a light on our shadows and complex human nature.  Lee truly believes laughter is the best medicine….with vegan ice cream and palo santo following closely behind.


In this episode, Lee shares:

  • How to think of your life as a movie, and why zooming out can be so helpful
  • Handling rejection and how it might be helping you out in ways you don’t realize
  • How humor can be used to open minds and connect people especially during stressful, scary and dark times


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Episode 21 -Lee Hubilla on Using Humor to Open Minds

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