Episode 17- Andrea Shillington Honoring Your Truth in Many Forms

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We’re kicking season 2 off in this powerful interview with Andrea Shillington. Andrea and I seemed to find ourselves in the same communities of online business owners, and I’m excited to share some of her wisdom with you all this week.

About Andrea:

Andrea is on a 13-year world tour as an international brand strategist. She’s developed strategies for companies from fortune 500’s to seven star hotels, all prior to launching brands for the heart. Andrea is all about making a soul aligned difference while delivering a million-dollar brand position for those she serves. Her work has been featured in Entrepreneur, Good, and Springwise to name a few.

In this episode, Andrea shares:

  • 7:30 Remembering God helps you to know who you are, and how to call upon God to reveal the truth you need to hear.

  • 9:30 Honoring parental relationships and finding peace in them as they are.

  • The tests we receive in life… why they’re there, what they mean, and how to learn the lesson faster so the tests get easier.

  • 14:00 Witnessing Emotions and how it helps to unhook us from their intensity and stills the chaos of the heart.



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Episode 17- Andrea Shillington Honoring Your Truth in Many Forms

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