Episode 16- Sara Lovett on Creating, Nurturing, and Letting Go of Friendships

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Sara and I met doing a contemporary remount of Romeo and Juliet back in my artist days. We spent countless hours in the studio and fell in mutual fondness of one another as humans and creatives.

About Sara:

Sara Lovett is a Writer/Actor and the Creator of Writing Wellness: Waking the Roots through Myth, Nature and Voice.  She is the author of, The Invisible Bones – the recounting of a pilgrimage across her past to visit one hundred and fifty-six friends face to face in a facebookonfoot journey throughout the U.S, Great Britain, and Cyprus in an attempt to reconnect to herself and to each one of them.

She speaks publicly on abortion healing, releasing shame and recovering voice and works one on one using writing tools, meditation, movement and diet.

In this episode, Sara shares:

  • 19:30 The ever-changing nature of relationships, especially friendships, and how expecting them to stay the same is unrealistic.

  • 39:17 How ending a friendship doesn’t take away from it’s precious place in your life, and how to grieve and ease your way out of friendships no longer serving both of you.

  • 23:39 How to dialogue with yourself and process your own feelings around a friendship to avoid piling a storm of emotion upon your friends.

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Episode 16- Sara Lovett on Creating, Nurturing, and Letting Go of Friendships

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