Episode 9- Jennifer Love on Re-writing Your Money Story

Jennifer Love is on the show today, and her name perfectly reflects her huge heart and gentle spirit. Welcome to Episode #9 of the Work with Soul Podcast. I’m your host Rebecca Niziol. Today’s show is a little bit different, because Jen actually walks me (and all of us) through the first steps of re-writing your money story.

About Jennifer:

Jennifer Love, an award-winning, 5-time serial entrepreneur has helped businesses raise over $100 million in funding over the past 20 years. Jennifer was the co-founding CEO of NibMor chocolate, one of America’s top candy brands. A trailblazer with a heart that matches her name, Jennifer is now determined to end financial gender inequality by helping women become masterful with finances. Today Jennifer is a keynote speaker and the Visionary CEO of One More Woman, a metrics-driven, educational, and advisory organization that helps high-impact women entrepreneurs scale their businesses to $1 million and beyond annually

In this episode, Jennifer shares:

  • 21:10, 27:08 Shame, blame, and guilt around money and how to begin re-wiring the way you think and feel about as well as make money.
  • 22:12 How your thoughts and perspective releases a chemical reaction in your body, and how changing your thoughts can change our addiction to unhealthy patterns around money, dating, and anything we feel stuck in.
  • 2:00 Meditation and the befriending the observer within yourself to change the dialogue up in your head, and some of the benefits in doing so.
  • 33:24 Step by Step tools begin process of looking at your money story and rewire it. 

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Episode 9- Jennifer Love on Re-writing Your Money Story

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