Why She Closed Her Doors

Megh’s story of working with soul:

When Megh and I started working together she had a thriving boutique design company.

If I threw out the names of some of her clients in Chicago, you would know these brands, and admire her work. She was really talented. She had it figured out. She was working for herself and making money doing her craft.

She was living the creative entrepreneurial dream!

Except, she wasn’t doing it on her own terms.


Megh is a creative at her core, yet she found herself working mostly on the business end, creating less and less, and often bending over backwards to make things work for her clients.

She knew something was off, and her body started breaking down trying to give her further proof that she was breaking her back doing something that was no longer a good fit.

She even did a fancy re-brand to try and give it all one more full effort go, but even with bell’s and whistles polished it wasn’t working for her.

Megh and her body, we’re not longer willing to force it when her soul was calling her towards something else.


Megh’s soul was calling her to paint.


Yup, painting.

It sounded crazy… to close her thriving business and start painting. WTF?!

But Megh was trusting enough, and in pain enough, that she knew she had to make some drastic changes for things to turn around.

Listening to her body and her intuition was a good place to start.

You know the calling, that inner whisper urging you to make a leap into something new that equally terrifies and excites you.

Everyone gets those soul calls, but not many take action upon them. Megh did. She was in too much pain not to.

She took time off to heal.

Megh really dug in and did not only the body work, but the deep soul work to figure out what was next for her.

She collected the courage, she listening to her calling, and she closed the doors on her design business.

A bold move for a woman and mamma who has to support not only herself, but her family.

A choice I hold the deepest respect for, not because it’s the right thing, but because that is what all of her being was crying out for.


And now, Megh is painting.


It’s what she does. It’s how she makes money.

She is already booking out her commissions for 2017 before moving onto even bigger works and projects that allow her to fully form her voice not just as a an artist, but as a creative truly working with soul on her own terms now.

Megh embodies what working with soul is all about:

Owning the courage to allow her soul to lead, and trusting herself to navigate all the pain, fear, and emotions along the way.

And guess what?!

Her back fully healed, too!

She sent our group a video of her doing yoga in the woods of her backyard, something she definitely couldn’t do a year early. She was able to move and live her life pain-free again.

If we don’t listen to our soul’s callings, our bodies will start talking–or sometimes screaming in pain for attention.

Megh listened, she had the courage to create changes, and she’s creating and selling gorgeous art for a living now.

Check out her art here or peak her on Instagram: @meghmakesark

Do you have a deeper calling within you, that despite not making much sense and being totally scary, it still nudges you from the inside regularly?

The first step is being willing to really tune in and listen to that guidance. If you’re used to listening to lies from within, hearing the truth can be a bit scary (even if it’s what you need).

Next, you need to know the difference between your soul’s guidance and your mind’s fears and opinions so you can know what next steps are the right ones for you. If you don’t do this you’ll be stuck in doubt and confusion.

Then you’ll want to know how to soulfully face all the fears and resistance that show up when you start living out your purpose and expressing yourself more fully. You’ll need to learn how to feel your feelings without being over-taken by them. 

Did Megh’s story resonate with you? 

It’s likely because you, too, have an inner calling from your soul. Keep your ears and heart open, and it will continue to whisper everything you need to know for now.

And no you don’t need to know all the answers now. 

Simply listen to the guidance showing up now, and trust the rest will come when it’s needed.

If this is something you want to do and want support with, let’s chat. Fill out this simple form and we’ll connect and see if joining Megh in the Inner Circle is a good fit.

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