Workshop Series

There’s a significant yet subtle difference between the most successful, powerful, soulful people on the planet and everyone else.

And I’m not talking merely about outer success: massive wealth, social power, and celebrity.

I’m talking about the spiritually successful: A breed of people who are powerful and influential because of who they are surrounded by, how much they grow each year on all levels, and the contribution they make to the world by being themselves and doing the work that lights up their soul.

It Is The Difference

  • It’s the difference between struggling to know what to do and which steps are the right steps and being deeply connected to your intuition and divine guidance so you have open access to all the answers within.
  • It is the difference between have lots of dreams and ideas and actually living the life you want (rather than chasing the life you want) enjoying the results of your work and effort.
  • It is the difference between feeling caught up in all the chatter in your head and trapped in the drama around you and feeling confident and capable to handle whatever comes up in your inner and outer worlds.

Can you guess what it is?!

It’s not the about being the smartest, most beautiful, or privileged.

It’s not about reading the most books, talking about it, or understanding it.

It’s also not about just praying, meditating, and practicing yoga non-stop.

Spiritual Success is what comes from embodying all the information, lessons, wisdom you already have!

To do this you have to learn how to feel your feelings in a whole new way, so they support you rather than weigh you down or overwhelm you. You need to integrate your mind, body, heart, and soul all together so all the parts of you are working together to move you forward.

I remember when I began my yoga practice I was told to “open my heart”, “feel my feelings”, and “let them go”. But no one could ever tell me how to actually do any of those things. It was super frustrating!

Most people don’t know how to feel their feelings in an embodied way. Instead they talk about their feelings, resist them and ignore them OR blow them up and sit in them for a really long time that feels dramatic and exhausting.
The people that do embody deep wisdom and feel their feelings, have been doing it effortlessly for so long that they can’t explain how to do it yourself. This leaves you with vision of how things could be, but with no practical how-to or process to get there.

There’s a disconnect: You learn through your mind, but maybe don’t know how to translate the information down into your body.

The wisdom from your soul is trying to come through, but the voices in your head are so loud and all over the place, you can’t hear the message from within.

And this is exactly what I want to help you with with in 2017.

The Work with Soul Workshop Series was created to support you in:

  • Feeling your feelings in a whole new way. Each emotion holds within it valuable information and vital energy you need. We are going to go in and feel it, heal it, and process it in a way that guides you and gives you the energy you need to create real, lasting change in your life.
  • Integrating what you already know and really putting it to work for you. Your past and journey has taught you so much already, let’s ensure you’re really integrating those lessons, so you can stop repeating the same self-sabotaging patterns.
  • Working through the fears, limiting beliefs, emotions and excuses that block you from implementing an taking action on what you know you need to do. You don’t know what you don’t know. We’ll shed light on the blind-spots that keep you stuck, but won’t leave you hanging there in the darkness. I’ll guide you through the healing practices that will actually empower you to do something different.
  • Practicing what works, cutting out what doesn’t. Together we’ll create momentum and consistency by amping up the exact tools and activities that support you and ditch the rest–because what worked before might not work anymore as you grow, so we need to keep updating accordingly. Plus I’ll teach you some incredibly powerful and potent short exercises to help you shift your energy and create change from the inside out.
  • Embody the qualities of success, soulfulness, love, abundance, and compassion. I’ll show you how to really feel what you most want in your body, which makes it real. When every cell of your body vibrates the energy of spiritual success–action becomes easy and results are created effortlessly. We’ll practice this again and again so your body, mind, heart, and soul become aligned and start working together–helping you create your dreams into reality.

becca_coffeeEach month we’ll gather together virtually for 2 hours. You can join through your smartphone or computer from anywhere in the world.

From learning the Feelings Framework and shifting the way you feel and heal to accessing the guidance and wisdom of your body to help you make better decisions: This workshop series is the place to be to fully integrate your soul’s wisdom into your life to be the most soulful, creative, powerful version of yourself.

You can step up and into embodying Spiritual Success–the type of success that doesn’t just benefit you, it helps support everyone around you!

The best part: you don’t have to do this alone. In fact, this is another key piece of Spiritual Success: Do what lights up your soul with the power and support of a community behind you. You’ll be work-shopping with dozens of other soulful folks, growing and implementing together.

Most people don’t have safe spaces and supportive relationships to really process what they’re feeling. You’ll find and get that here with us.

And you’ll get to continue to integrate, practice, and embody the workshop content in between each live session in a safe, sacred Facebook Community.

This isn’t a workshop series where you sit back and listen. You’ll be interacting, moving, and creating change in real-time. That means you won’t leave with a huge stack of homework you have to do alone. We’ll do the work together in real-time, so your time in between workshops will simply be spent practicing and implementing what we already did.

Are you ready to embody Spiritual Success to be, do, and have more of what you desire?

Join us, love!

Our first workshop date is January 24th, 2017 6-8pm CST.

Ensure you’re growing and doing what you love all year long. Sign up for the annual membership now (it’s only for sale until January 17th) and you save $117.
$47/month or $447 one-time payment